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Business Consulting     

Business Consulting by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.ED. 

Marilyn will assist your business to improve personal and professional relationships involving:

inappropriate anger
bullying in the workplace
communication breakdown
conflict resolution
families in business
co-worker jealousy

goal setting
home/work balance
stress due to management change
romance on the job
setting boundaries
stress management

Working location will be determined by your needs.

Barnicke Belleghem is a division of
Marilyn Belleghem Consulting Inc. (1978)

Feedback From Business Clients

Names withheld for client confidentiality.

I struggle to deal with the emotional problems of my people so having Marilyn on our team is very important.

I never thought I'd be able to get my kids out of my home office. After the few sessions, the problem is solved and it has made a great difference in our home.

My wife didn't understand that when I was working at home I was working. I wasn't available to watch the kids, make lunch or have lunch with her. Marilyn taught us about boundaries and the very important but different responsibilities we each carry in our marriage.

I have always tried to take care of others but when my business floundered I had to let family members go. It was really upsetting. The support Marilyn gave me allowed me to deal with the situation in a businesslike manner and let go of feeling responsible for others at my own expense. It proved to be very valuable.

I never wanted my husband to come into my business but when he was laid off it seemed like a good idea. I am so grateful to Marilyn for helping us see the need for each of us to do what we do best . instead of trying to fit him into a role he hated and didn't do very well..he has now found work in his own field.

I know I can send my employees to Marilyn and they will get the help they need to solve the problems that keep them from being productive.

Contact Marilyn now to discuss how she can help you!

Telephone 905.639.0050

You can also email Marilyn at marilyn@mbcinc.ca .