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Press Quotes by Marilyn

As an expert on relationship issues Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed., has often been quoted in the press.

7 Tricks To Keeping Or Telling A Secret
~ Canadian Living

Adventure Travel: Adding a Spark to Your Marriage
~ Hitched Magazine

Commuter couples running out of gas
~ Toronto Star

Do I Fold Or Do I Stay With Gambling Hubby?
~ The Hamilton Spectator.com

Do Successful Women Intimidate Men?
~ YourTango

Helpful Hints for Stepgrandparents
~ About.com

Here Comes The Bride (and her Mom)
~ Post-Gazette

Holiday Away From Home: 8 Tips for Happy Holiday Travel
~ Grandparents.com

Six Sacrifices You Should Never Make
~ Canadian Living

Splurging In Retirement

Spouses Seem More Irritating With Age: Study
~ Vancouver Sun

Story Of My Life
~ Storyofmylife.com

The Best Job Interview Questions
~Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Tips for Getting Along With the Other Grandma
~ Ga Ga Sisterhood

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10 Ways to Leave With Your Lover
~ Ottawa Citizen

Best friends forever? Why having a close confidante makes life easier -- and more fun.
~ Canadian Living - Lifestyle

Bullying and the Obese Child
~ TVO Parents.com

Catch of the Day – Single Dads
~ Family News from Families Worldwide

Daddy's Girl
~ Toronto Sun

Does 'I do' = 'I gain weight'?
~Canoe Health

Expectations Key To Successful Relationships
~ MetroNews

Festive Fever - Christmas Stress
~Canoe Lifewise

For Richer, for Poorer ...In Weight Gain or Weight Loss
~ Sun Media

Getting Angry, Getting Even
~ Hamilton Spectator

His Mistress Is Driving Me Crazy
~ Macleans

Holiday Stress
~ Sun Media

Home improvement ... The ultimate test of a marriage
~The Toronto Sun

How Honest Are Couples
~ Reader’s Digest Canada

How To Tell If It's Time to Move On
~ Elle Canada

Is it still cheating if there is no sex?
~ Chatelaine

It's over, but she's broke, pregnant; he's hurt by her aloofness
~ Chicago Sun Times

It's over, but she's broke, pregnant
~The Toronto Star

Kids Coping With Infidelity And Fighting Parents
~ She Knows

Love Doctor
~ InBurlington.com

Love For The Ages
~ Vancouver Sun

No kids? The fix is in
~Canoe Health

Relationships Stressing You Out
~Canoe Lifewise

Teens Posting Innermost Thoughts
~Canoe Lifewise

Two For The Road - Couples Vacationing
~ Ottawa Citizen

What Women Want But May Never Find
~ Sheridan Sun Online

Women Just Wanna Have Fun
~Toronto Sun

Working Relationships
~ Toronto.com

You Make Me Sick, Honey
~ Canoe Lifewise

Your desk or mine, honey?
Canoe Lifewise

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