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Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem, M.Ed.

Participants will learn how to improve their personal and professional relationships with practical easy to apply life and communication skills. Clear examples are always used with stories explaining ways to create functional results.  

Knowledgeable  Inspirational  Insightful

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Presentations are custom designed for each audience.

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Coping With Bullying

Personal Growth Through Travel

Midlife Crisis Midlife Growth

Create A Legacy By Writing Your Story

Recovering From Divorce

Creating Responsible Relationships

Assertive Communication

Creating The Life You Desire

The realities of life in the twenty first century impact productivity and the enjoyment of life. Balancing personal and professional responsibilities and maintaining good relationships is vital to success. Attitudes need to reflect our changing times.

I motivate employees to do their job well in order to increase productivity and maintain their professional success. Through working with companies I assist in employee retention while reducing absenteeism. I also help people cope with career change when necessary. Ask me to be your next keynote speaker or facilitator during a corporate retreat

Considered an expert in my field, I am a popular media source, regularly asked to comment on personal and business success strategies in both print and online publications, and on radio and television.

As a storyteller who incorporates life skills into my public speaking I have earned a reputation as a knowledgeable presenter for corporations, school boards, universities, service clubs and professional organizations.

My motivational presentations are grounded by post graduate studies in psychology, family studies and adult education. I have been a Registered Marriage And Family Therapist in private practice since 1981.

Presently working on my fourth nonfiction self help memoir  which chronicles  my self-discovery and interesting and challenging international travels. I share personal details of my life and learning because they're relevant to the larger conversation. Life IS personal.

While my experiences might be unique the same themes reoccur across society. Exploring and sharing the Self are the first steps to developing strong relationships based on trust and personal power. Reaching beyond our growing edge can be exhilarating!

Type Pricing
Workshops One hour to one day -
$500.00 to $5,000.00 depending on requirements
Keynote Presentations $3,500.00 to $5,000.00 depending on audience size
Added costs - sales tax, travel, accommodation, meals and presentation material.

"Know who you are" is a great topic especially for those in Transition."
Happen, Burlington

"The way you relate corporate life to family life is very effective."
The Employee Assistance Program Association of Toronto

"Appreciated the openness and honesty, nice humour…interesting and informative, very realistic about the challenges of marriage."
AAMFT Annual Conference, New Orleans

"I loved the way you used our family of origin information to reflect our workplace relationships."
Pat M.


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