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What Clients Have Said     

Counselling client names are withheld for their confidentiality.

Marilyn helped us save our marriage. She helped us understand that marriages don’t work, people work at being married. Her direct style of working with us helped us make immediate changes.

Things are going well. I am still working on your suggestions and know that I can make the changes I want in my life. It will just take time and determination.

Thanks for all your help. I now know that I am the only one who can get control of my anger and that no one can make me mad if I decide not to let them. Life is more in control now… or perhaps it is me who is more in control.

I didn’t really like to hear some of the things you said to me but I have been working on letting go of my desire to control. As you said; my daughter must live with the consequences of her own decisions and it wasn’t my decision for her to marry so young and have a child. I am trying not to rescue her. My husband is happy that so much of my conversation does not focus on my daughter’s family but on our life, our relationship and our plans.

I thought there was something very wrong with me that suddenly having a lot of money was so stressful. Everyone, including me, thought it would just be fun. You helped me focus on the heavy responsibility of choosing charities, family members and projects to support and to acknowledge that my anger at people’s greed was normal. I am glad I can call you whenever I feel overwhelmed and you will help me put things in perspective.

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